Colorado University mulls renaming 2 dorms following Arapaho spellings of chiefs

The University of Colorado is considering renaming two dorms on its Boulder campus in the Arapaho language.

The Daily Camera reports ( ) the Kittredge West dorm could be renamed Nowoo3 (NAH'-wath) Hall after Chief Niwot next spring. Kittredge Central is expected to be renamed Houusoo (HOH'-soo) Hall after Chief Little Raven.

Andrew Cowell, chair of CU's linguistics department, says the pronunciations might be confusing, but it made sense to rename the buildings in the Arapaho language to honor the chiefs and their cultures.

He adds that "there are tons of examples where you have names in Spanish or French where it could be mispronounced, but if we're going to name a building for someone French, we wouldn't respell it in English."

Nowoo3 and Houusoo were prominent chiefs in the mid-1800s.


Information from: Daily Camera,