Child hurt in shooting to come off life support

A 1-year-old boy hit by gunfire during the filming of a rap music video will be taken off life support, a lawyer for the family said Thursday.

The family agreed with the decision to take Hiram Lawrence off life support after doctors told them the boy had no brain activity, attorney Ivan Golde said.

"We tried. We were hoping for a miracle." Golde said. "The family, to their credit, understands and are now trying to get some peace of mind."

Hiram will most likely be removed from life support Friday afternoon, Golde said.

The decision came after the family publicly acknowledged this week that they had reached a crossroads about the boy's treatment at Children's Hospital in Oakland. Doctors had previously provided a grim prognosis about the boy, prompting the family to seek a second opinion from a pediatrician after seeing what they had considered signs that gave them hope for a possible recovery.

Hiram was shot in the head on Nov. 28 in a liquor store parking lot in a shooting that also wounded six others, including the boy's father. The elder Hiram Lawrence was shot in the hand while holding his son.

Police detained six possible suspects on unrelated charges but no arrests have been made.