California teen slips parents sleeping pills so she could use internet

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A teenage girl in California was arrested after she allegedly spiked her parents' milk shakes with sedatives so she could use the internet after her 10 p.m. curfew, reported.

Her parents told police that on Dec. 28, she surprised them with milk shakes. They thought it was a generous gesture. They sipped the drinks and tasted an unusual flavor and "gritty" texture, police said.

About an hour later, they fell asleep. They woke up a few hours later at 1 a.m. with symptoms synonymous with hangovers: grogginess and a headache.

The parents eventually bought a Drug Check kit from the Rocklin Police to run a test and "found some kind of positive drug reaction," police said. Rocklin is northwest of Sacramento.

The parents believe their daughter and her friend worked together to to crush up the sedative and slip it into the milkshakes.

Investigators found that the girl was fed up with how her parents would cut off her internet access by 10 p.m. every night. By drugging her parents, investigators concluded, the girls could use the internet as long as they wanted.

Both girls, one being from Rocklin and the other from Roseville, were arrested. They face willingly putting a drug into food and conspiracy charges.

This case is being handled in juvenile court, but if these were comparable adult charges, it would be a felony.

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