California Man Accused of Living With Dead Uncle for 30 Days While Using His ATM Card

A California man was arrested after he was discovered living with his dead uncle for 30 days and stealing money from his ATM account, police say.

On Jan. 22, Patrick Lara’s 63-year-old uncle broke his arm and Lara put him to bed without calling for medical help, FOX 40 in Sacramento reports. The uncle died shortly thereafter.

Lara, 45, of Merced, allegedly began using his uncle’s ATM card to withdraw money – some of which he used to gamble at a local casino.

When Lara turned on the house’s swamp cooler to air out the smell of his deceased uncle, the unit leaked onto the roof of the house, causing the roof to partially collapse and leave mold around his uncle’s body, Fox 40 reported.

Family members alerted police of the situation after suspicions arose regarding the uncle’s condition. Lara was charged with involuntary manslaughter and elder abuse and is facing possible murder charges.

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