Brown's first-year Senate stances bounce around


— Feb. 9, 2010: Brown is sworn in two days early and votes against Craig Becker, President Barack Obama's pick for the National Labor Relations Board. Becker is blocked by wide margin.

— March 25: Votes against a package of technical changes to Obama's health care overhaul. The initial bill was approved before his election.

— April 26: Votes against financial regulatory overhaul bill.

— June 17: Votes against bill extending unemployment benefits and summer jobs programs, saying it includes tax increases and "nearly $60 billion in deficit spending."

— Aug. 5: Votes against Elena Kagan's confirmation as Supreme Court justice, citing her lack of judicial experience.

— Dec. 9: Votes against bill providing financial assistance to Sept. 11 first responders; says he will not vote for Democratic legislation until George W. Bush-era tax cuts are extended.

— Dec. 16: Brown says he will vote against omnibus spending bill.


— Feb. 22, 2010: Sides with four other Republicans and backs Democratic efforts to pass a bill providing tax cuts to hire unemployed workers and highway construction funding.

— April 12: Votes for initial approval of a bill extending unemployment benefits and summer jobs programs.

— July 12: Says he will vote for a Wall Street overhaul bill.

— Dec. 3: Says he will side with Democrats and vote in favor of repealing Pentagon's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding gays in military.

Dec. 13: Says he will support Obama administration tax compromise, which retains Bush tax cuts and extends unemployment benefits while adding to federal budget deficit.

Dec. 20: Says he will vote in favor of New START treaty.

Dec. 22: Votes in favor of Sept. 11 first-responder bill.


SOURCE: Brown Senate office news releases