Bronx man seen setting fire to deli after fight over cigars

Video footage shows a disgruntled deli customer setting a Bronx, N.Y., shop on fire after he got into a fight with a worker over cigars, authorities said Tuesday.

The customer got into an argument with the 30-year-old shop clerk at the White Plains Road Deli around 5 a.m. Sunday because the worker wouldn’t let him leave with a box of cigars without immediately paying for them, law enforcement sources said Tuesday.

The suspect — wearing a black hoodie and a denim jacket with leopard-print sleeves — told the clerk he would come back and pay for the stogies, but the worker refused to let him have the smokes, authorities said.

About an hour later, the suspect returned — and poured a flammable liquid from a red canister on the front of the Wakefield store, police said.

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