Border Patrol: Increasing number of illegal immigrants hiding in truck vents, drivers unaware

U.S. Border Patrol agents in Texas say they are seeing an increasing amount of illegal immigrants hide inside air flow vents of trucks to try to get past checkpoints undetected.

Last week, there were five incidents in which agents at the Falfurrias checkpoint found people stashed away in the small compartments of big rigs, KGBT reported Saturday.

"I believe Tuesday (March) 31st, we had a group of seven immigrants which is quite a few illegal immigrants to be hiding in the back of some of these air dams,” said Omar Zamora, the spokesperson for Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector.

Zamora said cases are becoming more common and he believes the immigrants camp out at local truck stops waiting for unsuspecting drivers.

"In many cases (truck drivers) may not know anything about it, but what they can do and what we’re asking them to do is check. It will only take a couple minutes," he said.

Drivers will get cited whether or not they are aware if people are hiding in their truck, KGBT reports.

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