'Black Madam' murder trial on hold because of storm in Philadelphia; defendant still on stand

A hip-hop performer and "body sculptor" won't return to the witness stand in her Philadelphia murder trial until at least Friday because of a winter storm.

Defendant Padge-Victoria Windlsowe has also been hospitalized this week after complaining of chest pains at the courthouse Monday morning.

The trial has been in recess in the midst of Windslowe's defense testimony.

WIndslowe is accused of killing a 20-year-old London dancer by giving her illegal buttocks injections. Doctors say the silicone spread to the woman's lungs.

The 45-year-old Windslowe says she has done thousands of the procedures and earned the name "the Michelangelo of buttocks injections."

A gag order prevents lawyers from discussing the case.

All Philadelphia courts were closed Thursday because of a snowstorm.