'Belligerent' airline passenger arrested after assaulting crew, officer, police say

A drunken North Carolina woman assaulted Delta Air Lines staff and police at Los Angeles International Airport, authorities said Wednesday night.

Lisa Piasecki, 32, was held at Terminal 6 by three Delta Air Lines flight crew members, who told officers she assaulted airline personnel. Piasecki was on a Delta Flight 17 from Atlanta to Los Angeles, Los Angeles police said

The Los Angeles Times reports the 32-year-old was on board when she became “belligerent” toward the flight crew. Flight crew members had to restrain her for nearly 45 minutes before landing at the airport.

Piasecki was uncooperative and combative and was dragged away “kicking and screaming,” airport police said. Investigators say she was intoxicated and also assaulted an officer.

Piasecki was arrested early Thursday morning, after she was treated at a hospital, on suspicion of battery on a police officer and public drunkenness.

The Associated Press contributed to this report