Authorities search for college student missing after bike ride

A Louisiana community is searching for a local college student who disappeared while riding her bicycle home, Fox 44 reports.

Mickey Shunick, 21, was last seen by a friend leaving a local club on her bicycle around 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning. When she failed to show up for her brother's high school graduation later Saturday, her family and friends grew concerned.

“She had been looking forward to that for weeks, so there’s no way she would have missed that," Shunick's close friend Ashley Says told Fox 44.

Fox 44 reports Shunick had gone with friends to a local club to see a concert Friday, and then went to get a bite to eat. She then departed for her home on her bicycle, but never made it.

“We all know it’s dangerous to ride at night, but it was something she loved,” Says told Fox 44. “She’s not a rebel. She always has a can of mace in her front pocket, she obeys all traffic laws. She loved to have fun, but she’s really responsible.”

The Lafayette Police Department says they have few leads in the case. Shunick's friends have organized search parties and are sharing her story on social media, desperate for clues.

"She loves life," Says told Fox44. "She’s a great person, and we’re all just trying to keep positive thoughts.”

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