Arizona Man Killed Girlfriend, Then Lived With Her Decomposing Body for Two Months

An Arizona man killed his girlfriend after finding out she had cheated on him in their bed -- then lived with her corpse for two months, police said Tuesday.

Erik K. Grumpelt, 35, of Mesa, told police he used carpet deodorizer and room fresheners to try to cover the odor of the 39-year-old woman's decomposing body after he fatally struck her about two months ago, The Arizona Republic reported.

After punching Malinda Raya in the stomach three or four times he then tried to revive her for about 30 minutes, Grumpelt told police, before he panicked and hid the body under the bed.

Later he wrapped her in sheets and changed the locks on his apartment to prevent his landlord finding the corpse.

Police found the remains Monday after Grumpelt told his father he may have accidentally killed his girlfriend.

Grumpelt was charged with second-degree murder and was being held without bond.