Ann Romney: No decision yet on GOP running mate

The wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says her husband hasn't yet decided on a running mate. Hours later, her husband confirmed what she said.

Ann Romney told ABC News in an interview taped Wednesday that he is "not quite there yet" on the final decision.

Campaigning later Wednesday, Romney told a female questioner in the audience for his town-hall event in Bowling Green, Ohio, that "I have not chosen the person who will be my vice president." The woman urged Romney to heed conservatives' and tea partyers' worries about the GOP presidential ticket.

Romney assured her that "that person will be a conservative. They will believe in conservative principles."

Ann Romney said in the interview that discussions about vice presidential candidates were held last week and during the weekend. The Romneys spent last weekend at their vacation home in Wolfeboro, N.H., where they also plan to spend this coming weekend.

Romney's vice presidential search team is thought to be looking at Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, among others.

Advisers have hinted that they are nearing a decision and have suggested an announcement could come this week.

ABC News released excerpts of the interview with Ann Romney. The full interview is scheduled for broadcast Thursday on "Good Morning America."