Utah woman records struggling delivery driver, takes to social media to help him

Captured on video, Jennifer Weiss saw Larry stumble up to her door while delivering groceries.

A woman in Utah became a good Samaritan by financially helping out her delivery man, a war veteran, and get back on his feet.

Captured on video, Jennifer Weiss saw Larry, who was only identified by his first name in reports, stumble up to her door while delivering groceries.

“It made me kind of feel guilty, to have someone else deliver stuff, just because I didn’t want to go to the store,” Weiss told ABC4 News.

The situation made her look within.

“Who he was and what his situation was, why he was doing deliveries, if he was going to continue doing deliveries when snow starts falling when stairs and driveways are icy,” Weiss said.

Larry took the job because he needed to pay for home repairs.


“I had a stroke in June, so I was just making some extra money because our swamp cooler blew off our roof, we have a big hole, I got it taped up, needed some extra money to fix that,” said Larry, of Ogden.

Weiss found Larry online and offered to help.

“I had a few friends who said he shouldn’t have to be delivering, what if we all pitched in and gave him a big tip,” said Weiss.

“Posted his Venmo information and I think that the donations just started coming in like crazy,” added Weiss.

Her new friend is beyond grateful.

“It just blew up like crazy, there’s so many nice people around here,” Larry said.

Weiss hopes her good deeds have paid off.

“It may seem so small, it may seem like it couldn’t amount to much, but you just never know when it could cause a snowball effect, a huge chain reaction, it could really make someone’s day, their life, it could be the positive that they need,” Weiss said.