Alabama city apologizes to slain man's family

The Montgomery City Council has expressed "sorrow, profound shock, dismay and regret" to the family of a man who was wrongly killed by a city police officer almost 37 years ago.

The council on Tuesday night unanimously passed a resolution saying members "recognize the grief, pain and suffering caused by actions years ago."

Bernard Whitehurst was shot to death by a Montgomery police officer on Dec. 2, 1975. An investigation showed Whitehurst was mistaken for a robbery suspect, and that police tried to cover up the truth by placing a gun beside his body. The revelations led to the resignation of Montgomery's mayor and others.

Mayor Todd Strange said the statement was meant as an apology, but family members, including two sons, said they don't believe the statement went far enough. The council agreed to ask the state attorney general's office if the city can compensate the family.