86-year-old Utah woman writes steamy romance novel about bored housewife

An 86-year-old Utah woman became a first-time novelist by writing a steamy romance novel about a bored housewife.

Georgia Gorringe told KUTV (http://bit.ly/1oXd2Hj ) that it took her five years to write the novel available on Kindle and Amazon.

Gorringe says the story focuses on a woman who listens to talk radio and is turned on by a man's magical voice.

The writer's adult daughter, Bobbie Posey, says she was taken aback by the amount of steaminess in the book.

Gorringe says the story is all fiction, but her daughter says much of it is based on her mother's real life experiences.

The 176-page book, titled No Good-Bye, came out in February but isn't available in bookstores. Gorringe put it out using a company that helps authors self-publish.