1 arrested after Fox TV news crew has camera damaged on Los Angeles Skid Row

Los Angeles police have been involved in a violent scuffle on Skid Row after an apparently homeless man confronted a TV news crew.

Phil Shuman, a reporter for Fox affiliate KTTV-TV (http://bit.ly/1zYRNLY ), says the crew was filming around noon Wednesday in the wake of a weekend police shooting on Skid Row that killed a homeless man.

Shuman says the crew was in front of the Midnight Mission when a man twice tried to grab a TV camera, damaging it.

A cameraman called 911. Arriving officers confronted and tackled the man. Police say he grabbed an officer's holster and was shocked twice with a stun gun.

Three officers received minor injuries. Police say one was bitten, another had a forehead cut and a third hurt his elbow.