Yoga on a Surfboard?

Called yoga boarding, it takes the paddleboard from stand-up paddleboarding or SUP, and makes it a yoga mat. Now people are taking one of the fastest growing sports and adding new twists -- literally.



    Imagine striking a warrior pose floating atop glittering turquoise waters -- just beyond the crash of ocean waves.  Yogaboarding is the latest addition on the itineraries of Zen-seeking travelers everywhere.


    SUP has been popularized in California thanks to frequently photographed celebrity SUPers like Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Rihanna and Kate Hudson.  But SUP yoga boarding actually got its start on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Tex.


    Practitioners say SUP yoga boarding is a better workout than studio yoga because you have to be more precise with your movements.  But be prepared to get a little wet.  It takes a little getting used to.


    Those with a good sense of balance and some core strength built from on-land yoga sessions won't have a problem going from downward to upward dog or even tackling crow pose on a SUP paddleboard.


    As winter approaches, travel options are popping up for SUP yoga boarding, a healthier, more fitness-forward approach to vacationing.
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