World’s most luxurious hotel pools

From the snowcapped peaks of Wyoming to the rolling hills of New Zealand, here are SniqueAway's picks (in no particular order) for the most luxurious hotel pools around the world.



    Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali, Indonesia Ubud Hanging Gardens’ tiered infinity pools sit high above the lush rainforest below. Shaped to resemble nearby rice terraces, they offer incredible views of the Pura Penataran Dalem Segara Temple.


    The Raleigh Hotel Miami Beach, Florida Often referred to as the most beautiful in America, The Raleigh Hotel’s iconic pool is steeped in art deco glamour. It was first made famous by Esther Williams and has since starred in movies, on television, and in fashion campaigns and magazines alike.
    Nikolas Koenig


    Kauri Cliffs Matauri Bay, New Zealand Many believe (and we agree) that New Zealand is the most beautiful place on Earth, so it’s only fitting that Kauri Cliffs’ pool made our list. Located on the northernmost peninsula on the North Island, it affords a glimpse of where the rolling, untouched countryside meets the Pacific Ocean.
    Kauri Cliffs


    Amangani Jackson, Wyoming Amangani’s pool boasts panoramic views of the snowcapped Teton Range. Though outdoors, it’s always kept at a balmy 80 degrees and can be enjoyed year-round.


    Mandarin Oriental, New YorkNew York, New York The 36th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, New York is home to what is perhaps the city’s most revered aquatic gem. Lined by floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s naturally lit by day and provides glittering views of the Manhattan skyline by night.
    Mandarin Oriental, New York


    CSky Hotel Santorini, Greece Nestled high above the white and blue of Santorini is CSky Hotel. Its pool features unrivaled views of the Santorini Island volcano and neighboring Aegean islands.
    Christos Drazos


    Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Singapore Arguably the best place to take in the sights of Singapore is in the gravity-defying infinity pool that sits 55 stories atop Marina Bay Sands. The pool is longer than the Eiffel Tower set on its side.
    Marina Bay Sands


    Ritz Paris Paris, France The Ritz Paris’ indoor pool is the pinnacle of Greco-Roman grandeur. It’s set to undergo renovations starting next month—though we seriously doubt it needs them.
    Ritz Paris


    Paresa Phuket, Thailand Paresa’s pool is hidden away amid the azure waters of the Andaman Sea and Phuket’s sprawling rainforests. Each night, it’s lit by fiber optics that imitate the starlit sky above.


    Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali Bali, Indonesia Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali rests on the island’s southernmost bluffs. Its L-shaped infinity pool is so vibrant in color that it’s difficult to tell where it ends and the Indian Ocean begins.
    Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali
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