World's most cliched travel photos

Sometimes you can't resist. Here’s a look at some of the most hokey holiday shots from around the world.



    Crossing Abbey Road Abbey Road, the famous spot from the cover of the Beatles 1969 album of the same name, became the coolest place in the world to cross the street.
    Christopher-Daniel Gregorczyk


    Holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa Hurry, before it falls! Wait, this tower has been tilted for more than 800 years—it’s probably good to go without faux assistance for photos.
    Barney Moss


    Sunset at Angkor Wat Sunset shots at Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s best-preserved Buddhist temple, are stunning. But photos of tourists taking photos of the sunset? Not so much.
    Brian Hoffman


    Blue Lagoon Baths You’re probably going to visit Iceland’s geothermal Blue Lagoon and you’ll probably slather silica mud all over your face. It simply must be done.
    Ian Wilson


    Kissing the Sphinx We sincerely doubt that when ancient Egyptians built the Great Sphinx of Giza, they ever imagined tourists posing, lips puckered to give it a swak.
    David Haberthür


    Copying Christ the Redeemer It’s not a successful visit to see Christ the Redeemer, Rio’s 98-foot religious monument, unless you do as he does.
    Mike Vondran


    Becoming Bruce Lee Bruce Lee, the Chinese-American master martial artist was all high kicks and hijinks, so any visit to his Hong Kong statue demands adequate Jeet Kune Do moves.
    Ming-yen Hsu


    Doing the Bangkok Dance These statues are supporting a shrine; these tourists are supporting stereotypes of tourists.
    Nir Nussbaum


    Pinching the Taj Mahal Emperor Shah Jahan, the man who spent more than 20 years building this mausoleum in memory of his third wife, would not have like people pinching her temple.
    Brian McGuirk


    Kissing in Times Square This sailor and his girl in white kissing on Victory over Japan day in 1945 are forever immortalized in 26-foot glory. You’ll come away with a digital pic.
    Asterio Tecson


    Climbing Kjerag Rock Nevermind that you waited behind 17 tourists for a chance to stand more than 3,000 feet above ground on this stone wedged precariously between two rocks in Norway, if you were brave enough, that deserves a bragging-rights photo.
    Petter Sandell


    Jumping at the Eiffel Tower Because it wouldn’t be the Eiffel Tower if you weren’t captured mid-air. C’est la vie, right?
    Marcia Taylor


    Representing Rocky Yo. It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s about how cool you look replicating Rocky.
    Adam Baker


    Surveying Wall Street’s Bull Wall Street’s Charging Bull is supposed to represent financial optimism and prosperity and people are fondling it.


    Fun with Fountains When in Rome, do not do as the other tourists do.
    Alec Couros


    Thai Ronald McDonald In Thailand, Ronald McDonald greets you with a respectful wai. Why not do it too?
    Ween Nee


    Phone Photo Booth It was a London phone booth that got Harry Potter to the Ministry of Magic—this could be more than a photo op.


    Walk Like an Egyptian The song by The Bangles came out in 1986 and this photo fad should have faded with side ponytails.


    Salt Flats Perspective Yes, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt flats are vast, but there’s no need to celebrate an inferiority complex.


    Washington Monument Weirdness We’re not even sure what’s happening here. Looks like she’s trying to tell us the Washington Monument is greater than whatever is behind her.
    Drama Queen


    One with the Statue of Liberty Because you have to be the Statue of Liberty to appreciate her.
    Andy Price


    Snapping Snake Charmers Snake charming is an Indian folk art, but taking this photo won’t be charming if you’ve got ophidiophobia.
    Henrik Brameus
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