Women on currency around the world

From dignitaries to leaders in the arts, royalty and more, check out some of our favorite female bills around the world.

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    Kirsten Flagstad on the Norwegian Krone

    Norway's Kroner not only comes in a variety of colors but features those in all walks of life. Kirsten Målfrid Flagstad was a world famous opera singer who at one point was the most sought after soprano in the world. She is honored on the 100 krone note.
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    Long live the queen.

    Of course, it makes sense that Queen Elizabeth would be featured on British currency but did you know that she appears on notes in 15 other countries around the world? From the Cayman Island, Australia, Canada and Jamaica--various British Commonwealth states and Crown dependencies have been honoring her 63-year reign for many years.
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    Frida Kahlo on the Mexican peso

    The legendary painter appears on the country's 500 peso bank note.
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    Edith Cowan celebrated in Australian

    The Australian $50 is a bright yellow worthy of the sun-filled country down under. Edith Cowan was the first woman elected to an Australian parliament in 1920. Though she only served a short term, Cowan dedicated her life to championing women's rights.
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    Artists abound on the Swedish krona

    The Nordic country celebrates diversity on its currency. The new 20 Kronor bill is light purple and features an image of childhood favorite "Pippi Longstocking" creator Astrid Lindgren. The blue 100 kronor bill has legend of the silver screen Greta Garbo’s portrait. 
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