Videos Games Turned into Real Life

Whether you’re launching birds into the sky, performing before packed crowds or fighting off dangerous robots and saving the world, these next-generation theme parks will grant you a life-like experience you simply cannot get from a game-console.


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    Angry Birds: Catapulting off its popularity with 350 million downloads worldwide, the Angry Birds theme park attraction was launched into a real-world scale giving fans a first-hand experience on the addictive game. As a part of The Window of the World theme park in Changsha, China, guests get the chance to pull a giant catapult and shoot angry bird balls at pig-shaped balloons stationed around a toy fortress. COST: Entry fee for Window of the World is $14. No additional fee is required to use the Angry Bird attraction.


    Rock Band Live:  MTV’s Rock Band, the popular video game that let's you belt out your favorite songs at home, has also become one of the hottest live performances at theme parks.  Visitors get to compete for a chance to play the guitar, bass or drums on stage with professional singers. Whoever gets the top score wins the chance to jump on stage and unleash their inner rock star in front of a live audience.  “People of all ages and backgrounds know and love the game, and their familiarity with it not only attracts audiences, but also provides huge possibilities for audience participation,” Ryan Stana, the creator and producer of Rock Band Live told  COST: Prices may vary and are based on general park admission fees. Click here for tour and show dates.
    Rock Band Live


    Transformers The Ride: This December, as part of Universal Studios Singapore’s Sci-Fi City zone Transformers: The Ride will open its doors. Guests will be transformed into members of the Human-Autobot alliance and in a 4-minute 3D ride they will get the chance to fight off Decepticons and save the world. "Transformers: The Ride will tap into the larger-than-life characters and deliver an epic ride experience of a lifetime, thrilling guests from around the world,” Mark Woodbury, president of Universal Creative told Transformers will make its U.S debut at the Universal Studios Hollywood in spring 2012. COST: Admission fee to the park; Universal Studios Hollywood one-day general admission, $77 One-day pass, Universal Studios Singapore; $ 53.20
    Universal Creative


    Game Nation:  Possibly the most ambitious video-game based theme parks of them all, Game Nation, in its planning stages, dubs itself the first-ever experiential video game theme park and resort. “We’re bringing video games to life. Anyone who has played a video game has dreamt of walking down the street in their favorite map, fighting their most feared villain and saving a princess... and for the first time ever, they’re going to be able to do just that,” Daniel Ruke, creator of Game Nation told  Ruke was tight-lipped about which licensed games will make it in the park, but he exclusively disclosed that from their partnership with Atari- “visitors will see a Centipede roller coaster.”  His team are still in the process of settling on a Florida-based property for the park, which will include on-site hotels and resorts that he says will be an intricate part of the experience.  COST: TBD; day passes and hopper passes will be available.
    Game Nation
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