Top eco-friendly getaways

Eco-tourism doesn't mean compost toilets with brown toilet paper, vegan-only fair and straw huts.  Resorts and hotels are increasingly employing sustainable tourism practices and using local resources responsibility, while offering great service and luxury. Check out these top resorts are are going green in style.



    Zoetry Agua Punta Cana  This resort in the Dominican Republic features guided ecology tours of local coral reefs, visits with farmers, and volunteer farming opportunities in neighboring communities.


    Hotel Barcelo Punta Cana  This resort, also in the Dominican Republic, is Green Globe Certified, meaning it is certified for sustainable tourism. Members must save energy and water resources, contribute to local communities, and participate in "green leisure."


    Sunset At The Palms Resort and Spa  This Jamaican resort has bananas grown in an on-site garden, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and always has glass bottles, plastic bottles, cardboard, and metal separated for proper recycling.


    Bucuti Beach Resort  Vacationers who choose this resort in Aruba can expect the lowest per-occupied-room electricity usage of all of the hotels on the island. The hotel uses solar panels to heat water for rooms and laundry, water reducers to cut down water flow by 60 percent in showers, and biodegradable and environmentally friendly detergents.


    Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa  Those who head to this Mexican resort will experience luxurious living--but green living, too!  Dreams employees volunteer in regular beach cleanups, the resort's kitchen oil is recycled to help prevent pollution, and guests are allowed to have their sheets laundered less frequently to save water.
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