The strangest support animals people tried to bring on commercial flights

Pigs, ducks, peacocks — there's no limit to what passengers have used as support animals.


    Emotional Support Hamster

    A young woman flying with Spirit Airlines in Nov. 2017 claims that an airline employee suggested she flush her emotional-support hamster — named Pebbles — down a toilet, despite previously being told she could bring it aboard the flight. The woman flushed the animal and said she was considering legal action against Spirit, who denied ever instructing her to flush the hamster.
    Belen Aldecosea/iStock/Reuters

    Emotional Support Peacock

    In Jan. 2018, United Airlines refused a woman's request to bring her emotional support peacock on a flight, citing "a number of reasons" why the animal did not meet the airline's guidelines for a support animal.

    Support Duck 'Daniel'

    A support duck named Daniel went viral in Oct. 2016 after he was spotted on a flight to Charlotte. His owner, Carla Fitzgerald, said he helped relieve PTSD stemming from an accident in which she was thrown from a horse.

    Emotional Support Pig

    A woman and her emotional-support pig were booted from a US Airways flight in Nov. 2014 after the animal, who wouldn't stop squealing, defecated in the aisle. 
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