Test your knowledge: Which holiday items can you bring through airport security?

The holidays are a time for gift giving and chowing down on your favorite foods. But can you bring that homemade pie to your aunt's house across the country? Is it ok to bring a wrapped water gun?  Click through to make sure your prized gift won't wind up in the garbage bin. 

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    Can you bring along wine and cheese?

    Wine and cheese are the perfect combo to kick off any holiday fete. But can you take them along for the plane ride? Click through for the answer.
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    Check the wine. Bring on the cheese.

    Wrapped form cheese is allowed in a carry-on bag. We wouldn't recommend packing a super stinker in your checked luggage. The average 750 ml bottle of wine exceeds the 3.4 ounces liquid rule so you can't carry it on but you will likely be able to check it depending on alcohol content. The TSA permit up to five liters per person of alcohol with an alcohol content that is between 24 percent and 70 percent in checked luggage if it’s packaged in a sealable bottle or flask. Most wine clocks in around 15 percent ABV.
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    Can you bring fresh fruit or jam?

    Both are sweet and delicious but can they both get through security? 
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    Oranges are good to go. Check jams and jellies.

    Solid food items like fresh fruit can be transported via carry-on or as checked luggage. But if you're bringing along a large fruit basket, it will likely be subject to additional screening and note that it will count as your "personal item. Jams and jellies are considered liquids so if your container is bigger than 3.4 ounces, carefully wrap it and check it in your luggage.  
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    Skates or sticks?

    Winter sports often require a lot of gear. But it turns out you can't carry-on the whole kit. Can you carry on those sweet new skates? What about an ice hockey stick?
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    Glide through security with skates.

    Even with their semi-sharp blades, hockey skates and figure skates are permitted as carry-ons. But anything that can be used to as a "bludgeon" -- i.e. a hockey stick-- must be checked. 
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    Wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers-- oh my!

    A nice set of tools can be a highly coveted gift for the DIY craftsman or craftswoman in your life. But you should think twice before shoving the whole kit in your carry-on. Between screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers-- which tools do you have to check? 
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    Small screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers can be carried on...

    But all other tools -- including hammers, saws and drills-- must be checked. Screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers must all be less than seven inches in length. If it's right on the edge, better to check then end up having to prematurely gift that premium tool set to the TSA attendant forever. 
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    Holiday dessert throwdown: Cakes vs. cookies?

    A Christmas feast just wouldn't be the same with a sweet finale. But will that homemade fruit cake make it through TSA? And what about your carefully crafted Christmas cookies? Click through for the answer. 
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    You can take both!

    Wrapped food items may require additional screening so don't add your fanciest bow until you've reached your final destination. Non gelatinous foods like cakes, pies and cookies are permitted through security as carry-ons.
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    Can you bring beer and chip dips on board?

    Is it ok to bring along your favorite craft brew to toast to the season? If you're cracking a cold one, odds are you'll want something to nibble on, too. So can you bring along your homemade salsa or another complimentary chip dip? Read on to find out. 
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    You have to pack it up.

    If you want to share your favorite craft brew with friends and family, you have to check it-- unless it happens to come 3 ounce bottles. Just make sure it abides by the ABV content rules. Sauces, salsas and liquid-y dips must also be (carefully) packed in checked luggage. 
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    Is one type of smoking habit easier to get through TSA?

    E-cigarettes are becoming popular among traditional smokers but are the modern devices approved to go through security? And if you're an old fashioned type, will that snazzy lighter make it through?
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    Good news for smokers: Just carry it all on.

    Unlike many hazardous flammables, traditional lighters are permitted in carry-on luggage. E-cigs can also be carried on the flight. But don't even think about checking either of these potentially hazardous items. Lighters have been banned from checked luggage for years and the government recently did the same with e-cigs, citing new research that the smoking gadgets were responsible were starting fires. 
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