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  • Spain's annual Tomatina tomato fight draws thousands of pulp-covered revelers
  • A reveler lays in tomatoes during the annual
  • Revelers celebrate the Tomatina by throwing ripe tomatoes and drenching each other in pulp.
  • Many, but not all of the revelers don protective eyewear during the food fight.
  • The Tomatina attracts tens of thousands of participants to the village of Bunol.
  • Revelers have been celebrating the Tomatina since 1945, when it was believed to have started as a food fight between local kids.
  • Revelers wrestle and slosh pulp on each other while participating in the annual Tomatina.
  • In years past, participants have pelted each other with as many as 160 tons of tomatoes during the hour-long battle.
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