Ski resorts harness the power of social media

From the rolling hills of Stratton, Vermont to the steep inclines of Vail, Colorado, ski resorts across the country are harnessing the power of social media.



    Digital Revolution The term 'ski resort' probably evokes images of log cabins, wood-burning fires and rustic décor – perhaps the antithesis of Twitter, iPhones and Wi-Fi – but today, these once-Arcadian enclaves are transforming into the social media hubs. 


    Vail Resorts' EpicMix EpicMix syncs with Facebook and Twitter and functions as a revolutionary way for skiers and snowboarders to capture and share their ski experience through photos, check-ins and more – all without the hassle of lugging around a smartphone.


    Twitter to the Rescue At Stratton in the Fall of 2010, a female skier took a slip on the slopes. She needed ski patrol assistance and live-tweeted the entire experience. In the end, she was fine and unharmed – but Twitter played a critical role in alerting ski patrol of her need for help – and evolved into a humorous, almost-snarky account of her wipe out and recovery. 
    Courtesy of Stratton Resorts


    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow Mammoth uses social media to provide skiers with weather and ski condition updates.
    Courtesy of Mammoth


    A Word to My Peeps 365 Maine’s acclaimed Sugarloaf Mountain uses social media to stay connected to their clientele year-round.
    Sugarloaf Mountain


    Hurry! This Deal won’t last! Jackson Hole uses social media to highlight travel deals like special packages, airfare reductions, lodging discounts.


    Family Time Ultimately, social media is like a photo album or a post-card. It’s a channel to share a story. And while the platform itself is increasingly interactive, enagaging, viral and ever-evolving, the story itself – that of the family vacation – is timeless.
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