Searching for White Truffles in Italy

Visitors who visit San Giovanni d’Asso, the white truffle of Tuscany, can go deep into the woods with local truffle hunter Paolo Valdambrini to hunt for what the locals refer to as “the white treasure.”



    Truffle hunter Paolo Valdambrini and his hunting dogs that sniff out the white truffles.


    La Locanda del Castello organizes a truffle hunting package for guests, which includes a two night reservation in one of the castle’s well-appointed nine rooms. 


    A 3.3lb white truffle of Tuscany. Truffles like this (but often a lot smaller) can be find growing in the deep in the woods of San Giovanni d’Asso.


    The castle at La Locanda, where chefs will prepare your daily booty of white truffles in the kitchen.


    La Locanda taglioni with white truffle shavings.


    Hills of the Crete Senesi, the region of Tuscany known for its white truffles.


    Preparing white truffle rissotto.
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