Ride the AquaDuck water coaster on Disney's Fantasy

Disney’s new cruise ship the Fantasy has a state of the art water coaster called the AquaDuck.The first-of-its-kind water coaster at-sea, it takes passengers on twisting and turning ride high above the ocean. Inside the Magic recently took a ride and shared these images.

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    A Fantasy AquaDuck This isn't an aqueduct, it's the AquaDuck.  Riders sit on rafts and zoom through AquaDuck's tube system that wraps around both sides of the Fantasy, Disney's newest cruise ship. Passengers on deck can watching rafts go by high overhead.
    Inside the Magic
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    Ride the Duck The centerpiece of the ship’s AquaLab –a 1,800-square-foot water play area --is the AquaDuck, which takes riders out over the ocean through transparent tubes set high above the deck.  Click here for more.
    Inside the Magic
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    Wide Turn The first turn on the AquaDuck takes passengers out over the open ocean.
    Inside the Magic
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    Out of Control? The story goes that Donald Duck’s nephews -- Huey, Dewey, and Louie --built the AquaDuck. They were worried their uncle would get stuck, but he sailed through "like an AquaDuck,” so fast that he got stuck in the smoke stack. Click here for more.
    Inside the Magic
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    Climb to the Top The AquaDuck begins with a 69-step climb up the Mickey Mouse-eared entrance that  leads guests inside the smoke stack, and the start of the ride.
    Inside the Magic
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    Inside the Action The ride’s operators use cameras to watch passengers as they slide along and determine when it’s safe for the next rider to enter.  
    Inside the Magic
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    Into the Lights of Darkness In the darkest portion of the ride, a Space Mountain-style star field of sorts illuminates the tube in a variety of passing colors.
    Inside the Magic
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    Walk Like a Duck One of the ride's alleged builders reminds passengers to keep things clean in the Aqualab and to make sure you "Run the AquaDuck." Click here for more.
    Inside the Magic
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    Chill Out The first few seconds of the water coaster combine stunning views with a rush of chilly water.
    Inside the Magic
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    Hi Mom Many riders use the slower parts of the AquaDuck to wave to those below. Click here for more.
    Inside the Magic
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    Night Lights When the sun goes down the Disney Fantasy top decks glow in shades of red, blue, orange, and white, and the tubes are illuminated with lights that rotate colors.
    Inside the Magic
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