New York City's "Ghost Airport"

Once frequented by Howard Hughes and Amelia Earhart, Floyd Bennett Airfield is now home to birds, hikers and the occasional plane from the past.



    In this March 11, 2011 photo, a National Park Service hangar emblazoned with the name Floyd Bennett Field glows orange at sunset at New York City’s “ghost airport” in Brooklyn, N.Y. The city is struggling to find space to expand its overloaded airports, but Floyd Bennett Field can’t be reactivated permanently because the old airport belongs to the National Park Service.


    In this March 11, 2011 photo, members of the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation tow their C-54 cargo plane down a taxiway at Floyd Bennett Field, the city’s “ghost airport,” in the Brooklyn borough of New York.


    In this July 16, 1957 file photo, Major John Glenn Jr., hugs his children, Dave and Lyn, while his wife, Anne, watches moments after Glenn landed at Floyd Bennett Field in New York following his record-breaking flight of just over 3 hours and 23 minutes from California.


    In this Sept. 4, 1936 file photo, Amelia Earhart is talking with her husband George Palmer Putnam, right, and friends in New York, before taking off from Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett field for Los Angeles in the Bendix Trophy race.


    Floyd Bennett Field lies just across New York City's Jamaica Bay from John F. Kennedy International Airport.
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