Mountain Coasters Add New Twist to Ski Slope Fun

In a new twist to the traditional roller coaster, several ski resorts across the country have opened up year round 'mountain coasters'.



    Park City Mountain Resort, opened more than five years ago, boasts of the Alpine coaster, which rides down more than a mile long trail of scenic turns and twists. Park insiders say the best times to go are after a big snowfall when the snowbanks around the coaster pile up. The mounted snow creates an atmosphere that makes riders feel like they are zipping through a tunnel of snow.
    Park City Mountain Resort


    The Okemo Mountain coaster, located in its Jackson Gore base area, starts with a 1600-foot climb, and has a five minute descent that drives past breath-taking views of the Green Mountain railroad and a rushing mountain stream.


    The Cranmore Mountain resort opened northern New England’s first mountain coaster. The coaster ride features two double helixes and incredible views of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range.
    Rob Bossi


    Mountain coasters, like alpine slides seat one or two passengers at a time, but they ride on rails as opposed to a smooth track. 
    Bill Lee


    Attitash Mountain's newest addition, the Nor’Easter Mountain Coaster, joins the resort's other attractions, like a Eurobungy trampoline, climbing wall, mountain biking trails and horseback riding. 
    Laura Tuveson/Attitash Mountain Resort
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