Larger than life hotel decor

Around the world, you can find unique and even over-the-top hotel decorations. Some hotels offer decor that is oversized .With everything from giant chairs to massive chandeliers, these funky hotels are quite the sight. 


    Take a seat

    Visitors to the Clift in San Francisco, Calif. will be greeted in the lobby with a chair bigger than they are. The centerpiece was designed by Philippe Starck. Oyster suggests that perhaps a chair this size is out of the question in your home, but for a similar effect you can use a faux fur throw on your own couch like the one on this chair.

    Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

    This casino and bar is encased in hanging crystals and is even named the Chandelier Bar.  To make a similar scene in your home, suggests searching for antique crystals at a flea market and hanging them in your home. You can even add extra color with colored crystals.

    Care for a game of Chess?

    The Winnetu Resort in Martha's Vineyard offers an outdoor courtyard that resembles a life sized game of chess with oversized pieces surrounding it.  Although finding the room for these pieces in your home may be tricky, suggests even a normal sized chess set for a touch of intellectual decoration. 

    I see you

    At the Mondrian South Beach Hotel in Miami, Fla., even when you're alone you may not be alone. This larger than life wall portrait will add a touch of uniqueness to your stay. Oyster suggests a blown up portrait of a familiar face instead. Family photos would work great for a similar effect. 

    Conscious Hotel

    At this Amsterdam Hotel, visitors will be able to wake up to a vibrant oversized flower every morning. For those who want a simpler version, Oyster suggests painting a flower mural on your wall at home. 


    nhow, this boutique Berlin hotel, guests can feel like they're about to be sucked into orbit...sort of while sitting in the lobby.  Oyster suggests a simpler, yet bright and funky fixture or mobile to hang from your ceiling instead. 

    Glass Art

    At the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, guests are greeted with Dale Chihuly's oversized glass sculptures. Although one of his sculptures may be a little too costly, there are many ways to use colored glass in the decoration of your home. 

    Is that vase large enough?

    At the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, diners are greeted by a flower vase that reaches almost to the ceiling.  Although elegant, it might be difficult in your own home. You can find a more moderately sized (but still large) vase and fill it with fresh flowers for a nice addition to your home. 
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