Icy images of America’s 'big freeze'

Here are the best bone-chilling shots of this week’s winter storm as it left its icy grip on many of the nation's top tourist haunts.

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    River of Ice

    Ice forms on the shores of New York’s East River due to unusually low temperatures caused by the so-called polar vortex. 
    Lucas Jackson/Reuters
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    Waiting for the Bus

    On Monday, a person walks past a snow-covered bus shelter in Chicago.
    Jim Young/Reuters
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    View from the Top

    An aerial view of the city of Chicago.
    Hank Cain/AP
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    Frozen Skyline

    The Chicago skyline is seen behind a large chunk of ice near North Avenue Beach.
    Andrew A. Nelles/AP
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    Across the Water

    The Chicago skyline and a freezing Lake Michigan are seen from the Museum Campus in Chicago.
    Nam Y. Huh/AP
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    Icicle Abe

    Snow covers an Abraham Lincoln statue in Hackley Park in Muskegon, Michigan.
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    Frozen Waterfall

    An exterior waterfall that froze overnight is seen at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.
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    Opera of Ice

    Sunlight streams through the windows of the Waterman Opera House, Nebraska.
    Nati Harnik/AP
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    Can't Sit Here

    A city bench and other structures are covered in a thick layer of ice in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
    Nati Harnik/AP
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    Ice Bike

    A snow encrusted bicycle with wind chills nearing minus 30 Fahrenheit in downtown Chicago.
    Andrew Nelles/AP
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    Frozen Fountain

    St. Simon's on the Sound Episcopal Church's fountains is frozen over in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
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