'Icehenge' comes to life

It took a group of five friends two days to build this striking Stonehenge replica.

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    Icehenge at sunrise.

    Photographer Eli Wedel, a Wisconsin based graphic artist, captured the icy structure at one of the most beautiful times of day. 
    Eli Wedel
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    Glistening ice towers.

    The structure is just as impressive from a distance.
    Eli Wedel
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    When chainsaw meets ice.

    Andrew McHenry uses a chainsaw to cut blocks of ice from the frozen lake.
    Kevin Lehner
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    The structure takes shape.

    Kevin Lehner
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    Serious heavy lifting.

    Quinn Williams pulls a 300 lb, six-foot block out of the lake with an ice tongs.  You can see the ice harvest hole from a distance where the other guys are working to cut and remove ice.
    Kevin Lehner
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    Stunning in black and white.

    Eli Wedel
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    A job well done.

    The 'Hengers': Andrew McHenry, Quin Williams, Kevin Lehner and Patrick Shields (L-R)
    Alec Seamars, Kevin Lehner
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    Here comes the sun.

    Clear beams of ice glisten in burgeoning daylight.
    Eli Wedel
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    Stunning at daybreak.

    Kevin Lehner
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