Hot springs worth traveling for

Cultures all over the globe turn to natural, mineral-rich waters to treat a wide array of concerns, from the medical to cosmetic. Here are some of the prettiest places to jump in and say "ahhh."



    Space Bath With its volcanic rocks, electric green moss, and steaming waters, the area around Iceland's Blue Lagoon looks like something from another planet.


    Skin-sational Fans of the waters agree that the results of bathing in Iceland's Blue Lagoon are otherworldly. High amounts of silica help exfoliate skin, strengthen its barrier function, and heal inflammation, while minerals from the seawater revitalize skin.


    Sacred Soak The Banff Upper Hot Springs in Alberta, Canada are surrounded by dramatic alpine views and were considered a sacred healing site by the area's native residents.
    City of Banff


    Mayan Legend The area around San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, features thermal, alkaline, sulfur and fresh water springs.  Despite legends that these waters have "age-reversing" effects, most bathers come to relax under the heated falls and soak up the generally therapeutic natural minerals.
    Escondido Place


    Biblical Roots King Herod would often travel to Jordan's Ma'In Hot Springs for medical treatment and legend has it that Salome did her famous dance in his nearby villa.
    Evason Ma'in Hot Springs


    The Perfect Neighbor Jordan's Ma'In Hot Springs neighbor the Dead Sea, so if the healing powers of the desert oasis springs don't do the trick, take a quick trip to the sea.
    Ma'In Hot Springs/Jorg Sundermann


    Mining for Relaxation Ore miners (and speculators) came to the region in the 1880s, and a private homestead was established on the land that's now Dunton. The owners recognized the hot springs' moneymaking potential and started charging a nickel to take a dip.
    Dunton Hot Springs/Jack Richmond


    Historical Soak Back in the early 1500s the Ute Indians enjoyed these southwest Colorado hot springs, which sit about 8,600 feet above sea level.
    Dunton Hot Springs
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