Gift Ideas for Cruisers

Whether you know someone who is a newbie cruiser or and old hand, these gifts will help make their cruise a smooth-sailing experience.



    A scrapbook is a fun and easy way to organize, preserve and share all your memories.


    The Sony Cyber-shot takes very high quality pictures and excellent video.


    This Canon EOS is a litte more expensive than the point and shoots, but it allows you to use zoom or wide-angle lenses and capture sharp “stop-motion” action pictures that are great for wildlife and sports.


    When documenting your cruise, don't get caught without enough memory for your camera. This inexpensive memory card with ensure you capture all the highlights.


    AC adaptors which turn the flat U.S. prongs into the bigger, wider-spaced European prongs only cost 99-cents at Amazon, but if you need to buy one in the airport or onboard the ship you can get gouged for as much as $14.99.


    These lanyards are pouches with transparent covers that hang around your necks. Once aboard the ship they can hold their keycards, tickets to shore excursions and daily programs.


    TSA-approved luggage locks are good for privacy and to keep your suitcase in one piece while baggage handlers play “Airport Olympics.”


    Drinks on cruises are expensive and many cruise lines will confiscate any bottles of liquor they see. These rumrunner flasks are flexible, fully plastic bottles that are undetectable by x-ray machines.
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