Fall outdoor adventures for thrill seekers

Here are some of the most exciting and memorable opportunities to help you fall in love with this time of year all over again.

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    A Cruise via Air Mauiva’s All-American East AirCruise Departing from Farmingdale, NYhttp://www.mauivaaircruise.com/  The AirCruise packages feature flights on a private plane to multiple destinations across North America with private guided tours at each stop to enjoy the fall colors. "The AirCruise is ideal for those travelers that want a unique vantage point for seeing the fall foliage throughout the northeastern United States," said Don Hundley, the director of marketing for Mauiva.  "Not only do you get the aerial perspective by flying into smaller airports that are off the beaten path, but you also get a tour from someone with local knowledge of the area who knows where to capture the best views."
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    Spotting Antlers Moose Tours at Sunday River Resort Sunday River, MAwww.sundayriver.com  "Fall is a beautiful time to visit the western mountains of Maine and if you can combine that with a moose tour or an activity like disc golf, which gets you outside, you have the makings for an incredible trip," said Dana Bullen, the president and general manager for Sunday River.
    Sunday River Resort
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    Gliding Above the Trees Harris Hill Soaring Corporation Elmira, NYhttp://www.harrishillsoaring.org  “Taking a ride in a glider is a great way to see the fall colors because it is very relaxing and peaceful,” said Ron Ogden, the director of marketing and development for the National Soaring Museum and also a glider pilot. “The colors on the hills below are beyond beautiful... Motorless flight is a unique opportunity to be connected with nature.  You’re floating with nature; in her breezes, and above her leaves.  Soaring is a very peaceful experience and a wonderful way to experience fall in Finger Lakes Wine Country, New York.”
    Mark Twain Country
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    Catching More than Tree ColorsFresh Water Fishing near the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum Hayward, WIhttp://www.freshwater-fishing.org/index.php  “It gives the visitors a catbird seat to the most unique and spectacular view of the autumn splendor of our area overlooking Lake Hayward,” said Emmett Brown, the executive director of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum.
    Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum
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    Dropping Weight as the Leaves FallWeight Loss Backpacking Vacations Fitpacking Multiple trips throughout the United Stateshttp://fitpacking.com/  “Fitpacking is perfect for city-locked people to visit places where cars can't travel, see brilliant foliage first hand that most people will never see outside of a magazine and exercise during the process,” said Bree Gotsdiner of Fitpacking. “Fitpacking is unique in that it combines beautiful scenery with fitness. People lose weight and feel great while admiring the fall colors and natural sunsets.”
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    Off Road Riding ATV and Dirt Biking Harlan County Trails Evarts, KY harlancountytrails.com  "Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area has something for everyone whether you are an off-road enthusiast, thrill seeker or just love to enjoy beautiful scenery,” said Susan Haught of Harlan County Trails.
    Harlan County Trails
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    Climbing into the ColorsBlue Ridge Tree Climbing Meadows of Dan, VAhttp://www.blueridgetreeclimbing.com/BRTC/Welcome.html  “There is definitely something magical about tree climbing,” said Bob Wray, the owner and instructor of Blue Ridge Tree Climbing. “It takes you back to your childhood almost immediately. And we will do things that you could only dream of as a child. Climbing during the color change is especially magical.”
    Blue Ridge Tree Climbing
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    Dog-Powered Tours Snow Caps Sled Dogs Breckenridge, COhttp://www.snowcapssleddogs.com/breckenridge-summer-activities  “The scooter tour is the way to go for people who prefer adventure – it’s like mountain biking without the sweat,” said Orion Paiement, the owner of Snow Caps Sled Dogs. “For the ones who’d rather sit back and focus on fall photos, the cart tour offers more time to take it all in and get shots of the dogs and the scenery.”
    Jessie Unruh
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    Floating in a Fall WaterwayPaddle and Trail Rockford and Aurora, ILhttp://paddleandtrail.com/  "The best way to view the full glory of fall is by paddling quietly along the wooded waterways,” said Therese Oldenburg, the marketing director of Paddle and Trail. “The misty mornings and golden sunsets of fall beckon you to get out on the river in a kayak.  Rivers literally change to liquid gold as the trees reflect the vibrant hues of fall and colorful leaves fall gracefully along as you paddle.”
    Paddle and Trail
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    Take a Walk Above the Colors Bridge Walk Fayetteville, WVhttp://www.bridgewalk.com/ “The top three reasons that people say they want to take a stroll on the catwalk: the bridge is an engineering marvel, the views are spectacular and many want to tackle their fear of heights,” said Benjy Simpson, managing partner at Bridge Walk.
    Bridge Walk
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    Colorful CanoeingQuiet Waters Paddling Adventures Bernalillo, NMhttp://www.quietwaterspaddling.com  “Fall is one of the most beautiful times to float along the Rio Grande here in the Albuquerque area, but sadly, most locals don’t even know such an opportunity to experience it exists,” said Michael Hays, the owner of Quiet Waters Paddling. “The river is calm – making it accessible to everyone, with colorful cottonwoods lining the riverbank and the Sandia Mountains providing a stunning backdrop.”
    Quiet Waters Paddling Adventures
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    Sleeping in the Trees Tree House Camp Near Harpers Ferry, WVwww.thetreehousecamp.com  Stay the night up in the colors at the Tree House Camp on the Maple Tree Campground near Harpers Ferry, WV. Backing up to the Appalachian Trail, the seclusion and quiet nature of the campsites allow guests to get away from the hustle and bustle of life while seeing the splendor of the season up close.
    Tree House Camp
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    Falling into the SeasonSkydive Orange Orange, VAhttp://www.skydiveorange.com/  “Get a bird's eye view of the fall colors,” said Gigi Rucker, the chief operations officer at Skydive Orange. “This is as close as you will ever get to feeling like a bird. I don't know another way to describe it - the feeling is unlike anything you'll ever experience.”
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    Alpine MountaineeringCrested Butte Mountain Guides Crested Butte, COhttp://crestedbutteguides.com/  "It is really a one of a kind experience, unlike anything else at a North American ski resort; providing a very European style alpine climb similar to Chamonix's famed Cosmiques Arete,” said Jayson Simons-Jones, the owner of Crested Butte Mountain Guides.
    Jayson Simons-Jones
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    Prehistoric, Native American Archeological SiteSpiro Mounds Prehistoric Site http://www.okhistory.org/sites/spiromounds Spiro, OK Take a walk through history in Oklahoma to learn about one of the most important Native American sites in the country. “People who think Oklahoma is flat prairie will be surprised by the beautiful mountains found in southeastern Oklahoma,” said Jonita Mullins of Downtown Muskogee, Inc. “Muskogee sits in the foothills and is a great launching site for a full day’s drive along winding roads through beautiful vistas.  Our Native American heritage and history make the visit a learning experience as well.”
    Downtown Muskogee, Inc
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    Family-Friendly Rapids Nantahala Outdoor Center http://www.noc.com/   Wesser, NC Float down Class II and Class III rapids on North Carolina’s Nantahala River while taking in the change of seasons. “Situated in the Smokey Mountains, the Nantahala Outdoor Center offers stunning views of the surrounding nature during the autumn months,” said Sutton Bacon, the president and CEO of NOC. “We urge families, outdoor enthusiasts, and ‘leaf peepers’ this fall to experience the rainbow of colors while enjoying the many thrilling outdoor activities we offer.”
    Nantahala Outdoor Center
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