Easy Ways to Pack for Airport Security

Airport security measures have increased dramatically in recent years. Despite the inconvenience of new airport regulations, travel remains a vital element for millions of people seeking to expand their horizons, broaden their minds and experience other ways of life.

If you pack with security in mind, you can bypass some of the headaches caused by stringent procedures. Packing appropriately can accelerate your journey from the drop-off zone to the airplane so your true journey can begin.

Heed these simple tips to get where you need to go quickly and hassle-free:

Pack light
Any seasoned traveler will tell you to pack light. You’ll find that you can get by with less and less. Living with few possessions on a trip is somewhat of a challenge, but it’s also a joy because the burden of worrying about all your stuff is lifted. You won’t appear to be an obvious tourist stumbling down a street dropping your baggage everywhere. You can pass through security much quicker with fewer items as well. Also, make sure your carry-on is as well organized as possible. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) suggests creating layers when packing your carry-on: clothes, electronics, clothes and then heavier items. This makes the contents of your bag appear clearly. Innocent items can appear hazardous when bags are messy.

One of the biggest changes in airport security is how you need to pack your liquids. You can carry on containers of liquid that are 3.4 ounces or less. They must fit into a clear plastic bag as instructed by TSA. You will need to declare larger liquids, which may require additional screening. Baby formula and breast milk are an exception and may reasonably exceed 3.4 ounces. To avoid any difficulties, it’s often best to forgo liquids all together, if you can.

Carry electronics and film
You should not put large electronics in checked baggage. You will, nevertheless, need to take video cameras and DVD players out of your carry-on bag briefly for X-ray screening. Undeveloped film should also go in your carry-on bag, but you should declare the film in order to prevent X-ray screening, which would cause damage.

Do not wrap presents
Security officers may need to go through your luggage. Do not wrap gifts before your flight. If officers open your gifts, you will need to wrap them again. Although this isn’t a massive problem, it is a slight nuisance that you can easily avoid. Wait until you arrive at your destination before wrapping your presents.

Check for recent developments
Security guidelines change regularly. Therefore, you should check TSA websites and your airline before embarking on your trip. It truly is the easiest way to know what is prohibited and what is permitted on board.