Clothes to travel wrinkle-free

What could be better than traveling in style, and not having to iron when you get there? Here are some wrinkle free alternatives. 



    Downy Wrinkle Releaser $2.25 "Products like Downy Wrinkle Releaser spray will also help with more stubborn creases and are pretty easy to use too - just spray on the garment and then pull to stretch out all wrinkles," said Lindsay Weiner, a certified image consultant and founder of Click here to buy at


    Chick on the Go $289.00 "What makes our garments unique is that we have seven pieces that have been engineered for travel," said Cheryl Filkowski, the co-founder of Chick on the Go. "The seven pieces, five garments plus two accessories, combine to create over 25 different outfits suitable for almost all occasions - conservative business attire, causal dining attire, elegant social attire and even loungewear. Basically, a 'closet in your clutch.'" 
    Chick on the Go


    Aventura Clothing's Dharma Bamboo Blend Dress $69.00 “I think what makes them great travel pieces are the fact that they are so comfortable and multi-functional; they can be worn during the day as a casual outfit, or dressed up with great accessories for a night out,” said Kathleen Williamson, the head merchandiser at Aventura Clothing. “Bamboo naturally has wonderful wicking properties and is partially antimicrobial - two things that are great for humid climates.” Click here to purchase or view this great dress.  
    Aventura Clothing


    Brooks Brothers' Non-Iron Regular Fit BrooksCool Sport Shirt $88.00 "To avoid wrinkles in clothing when packing, try rolling the items instead of folding them," said Lindsay Weiner, a certified image consultant and founder of This shirt you won't need to iron!
    Brooks Brothers


    Foxcroft Fitted Pinpoint Shirt $74 "Foxcroft shirts are perfect for the gal on the go," said Hinson Wu, the creative director at Foxcroft. "They can be easily packed and are ready to wear – perfectly crisp and polished - right out of the suitcase, no iron needed. Our signature shaped and fitted styles are also designed to provide great versatility, which is crucial for getting multiple outfits out of a limited travel wardrobe."


    Goddis Naples in Sunset $216 "The combination of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic allows our pieces to have the perfect combination of warmth, comfort, and wrinkle-free," said Viki Merjos, the owner and designer of Goddis. “...The Naples is a top seller every season- it's shape is flattering on everyone; young, old, curvy, skinny, tall, short, etc. It's also the perfect day to night piece.”


    Banana Republic Classic Fit Non-Iron Graphic Check Shirt $79.50 “For men, Brooks Brothers, Charles Tyrwhitt, and Banana Republic all have good and varied selections of ‘no iron’ shirts and pants that are not only perfect for everyday wear, but also travel," said Lindsay Weiner, a certified image consultant and founder of
    Banana Republic
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