Aboard the 'World's Best' Cruise Line

Seabourn, voted as the "World's Best" cruise line, offers superior service and fine cuisine. 

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    A Seabourn cruise is a foodie's delight.  You can order caviar service from room service anywhere on the ship, at anytime.
    Paul Motter
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    On Seabourn, food is the main attraction. A sommelier begins each meal with a recommended white wine, and red to follow for the main meal.  And then, there are the delicious desserts.
    Paul Motter
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    The Galley Market Luncheon buffet in the ship's kitchen features lamb chops, cheese fondue, cherry crepes, bananas foster and much more. 
    Paul Motter
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    The Galley Market Luncheon also serves fresh seafood, like crab claws and steamed mussels.
    Paul Motter
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    Seabourn ships are serene, with understated décor and friendly, genuine service. 
    Paul Motter
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    My stateroom has a queen-sized bed, a large dining table and a bathroom with a generous tub and a separate rain shower.
    Paul Motter
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