8 of the world's craziest hotel rooms and suites

Forget the boring old beige and greys.  These unique hotel rooms are a sensory experience to behold. 

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    The Loft Deluxe RoomRoom Mate Carlos   Montserrat, Buenos Aires, Argentina While the hotel's facade has a classic style, the inside of the Room Mate Carlos in Buenos Aires transports guests to an ultra-modern, almost dreamy place: The lobby's shades of green and quirky design create the feel of an underwater seaweed setting, and the breakfast area's decor is a bold abstract mix of patterns and sunburst light fixtures. Formerly apartments, the rooms are extremely spacious with high ceilings and two levels -- a lounge area, dining section, and small kitchenette on one floor, and sleeping quarters up a short staircase. The lofts are decorated in the same way as the rest of the hotel: clean, futuristic, and full of odd shapes and popping colors.
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    The Mecha SuiteBest Western Tomo  Japantown, San Francisco, California Don't be put off by the Best Western label: The Tomo boasts super-stylish, high-tech rooms that are more spacious than those at some San Francisco hotels that charge twice as much. This place is really about quirky design and quality rooms, and although it doesn't have too many extra amenities. It's an excellent value pick.
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    Two Bedroom SuiteCustom Hotel   Beaches - Santa Monica and Venice, Los Angeles, California This 21-and-up-only hotel is cheap, and the pool is fun for parties -- but that's pretty much all it offers besides its bright, splashy decor. Some of us thought that it was way too over the top, but its airport location can't be beat in terms of business-travel convenience.
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    The Fashion SuiteFashionhaus Hotel   South Beach, Miami, Florida This 48-room concept hotel caters mostly to a younger, 20- and 30-something crowd, offering showy, statement-making decor, such as mannequin lamps, flashy, gold couches, and giant fashion images on walls and doors. The effect feels hip and trendy to many, but some of the design touches seem cheaply done. Nonetheless, the Fashionhaus is just a short walk from shops, dining, and South Beach.
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    The Superior Double Roomnhow Berlin   Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany This futuristic property has a music theme and offers rare amenities like Gibson guitar room service and two recording studios on-site. Bright colors, psychedelic patterns, and funky-shaped furniture have high visual impact in the lobby, bar, and restaurant. The wild decor is only somewhat muted in the rooms, though there's still plenty of pink, and quirky furniture. Rooms are equipped with iPod docks, TVs embedded in mirrors, and electric kettles.
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    The SuiteHotel Saint Cecilia  South Congress, Austin, Texas Stylish Hotel St. Cecilia, with just 14 rooms, is a boutique hotel in the truest sense of the word. It features a sexy lounge (complete with patio seating), spacious grounds, and uber chic rooms that meld with Austin's weird vibe and cool music scene via distinct decorative touches and amenities. The centerpiece is an historic Victorian home fronting spacious, sylvan grounds and harboring four of the hotel's beautiful suites.
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    The Suite MirageThe Luxe Manor   Hong Kong, China The Luxe Manor is a true sensory experience for the eyes. This upscale boutique hotel is designed to look like Salvador Dali's imagination -- and the result is certainly surreal, if a bit busy and over-the-top. The lobby is decorated in bold colors, there's a lip-shaped sofa in the bar, and the rooms have details such as busy animal-print carpets, and flat-screen TVs hanging in frames above faux fireplaces. The decor is quirky, to be sure, but might but it may not be to everyone's taste, and can have a sort of dizzying effect. The Luxe Manor is certainly a one-of-a-kind hotel, and has a convenient location in the popular tourist area Tsim Sha Tsui.
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    The Hugo Berns SuiteBerns Hotel   Norrmalm, Stockholm, Sweden This 65-room contemporary boutique is part of the historic Berns Salonger complex, which includes a bistro, a top-notch Asian restaurant, a ballroom, and a nightclub. Stylish rooms have hardwood floors and bold, quirky wall art, but be prepared to take the room names literally -- the Extra Small Room is, truly, extra small, at just 107 square feet. Obviously, the Hugo Berns Suite is a bit larger.
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