7 coolest and creative tent designs

Do you love camping and creativity? Being in the great outdoors doesn't mean your shelter has to be boring. Take a look at some of the coolest tents worthy of the hippest campsite.

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    TreeTents Love camping, but hate the creepy crawlies that manage to sneak in while you set up your tent? Worry no more -- tree tents are here. These geeky structures even come with a built-in viewing window for those sunrise and sunset views, or to see if any animals are trying to steal your gear. They're a steel frame wrapped in canvas that measure 13 feet tall and 9 in diameter, and can comfortably fit two adults and two children. Unfortunately, you can't buy these... yet, but you can rent one during five months of the year at Hertshoorn Park in the Netherlands.
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    FieldCandy Space Tent $649.99 Want to sleep among the stars? Well, now you can. This limited edition tent (only 195 in the world), made by FieldCandy, has a star-studded, digitally-printed flysheet --likely to satisfy the star gazer in all of us. But despite its groovy celestial exterior, luxury is not lost on the inside. It's bigger than your average two-person tent, and has a base frame that makes it a high performance A-frame storm tent.  It can be yours from ThinkGeek.com.
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    FieldCandy Fully Booked Tent $ 771.46 Are you a book worm who loves to camp? Now you can put the two together. This tent, sold by FieldCandy, sleeps two people comfortably. It's a great conversation starter.
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    VW Camper Van Tent $ 467.39 Woodstock nostalgics, this tent is perfect for you. A recreation of the 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van, it sleeps four comfortably in two different compartments. Available on Firebox.com in four cool colors- Peppermint Green, Red, and Blue, it's an officially licensed 1:1 scale on the actual van, so you and your guests can actually stand up inside.
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    Tentsile Hanging Tent These waterproof floating tents are great for experienced campers or for those who want to get some cool photos from above the forest floor, but are physically unable to climb trees (except for the part where you have to string the tent ropes up.) They’re available in two-man, three-four man and five-eight man sizes. Made by Tentsile, you can place an order by emailing info@thegreendream.com
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    i-gloobox Made by Bulgarian designer Georgi Djonarski, this is much more than a tent. Primarily made as an innovation to help the homeless, this portable contraption features pockets made out of waterproof fabric linked together. When the pockets are loaded, they provide even more insolation for the owner, particularly on cold nights. But wait, there's more. It can be folded up so that it can be wheeled around. Awesome and helpful. More info here.
    Georgi Djonarski
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    JakPak All-In-One $149.99 Are you a fan of camping but hate the heavy lifting and work involved? You're in luck. This is the world's first tent, jacket, and sleeping bag... all in one! Sold exclusively by JakPak, this design features a waterproof rain jacket, a detachable sleeping bag, and a camping tent. It comes in either two-tone green or black/ gray, and comes in sizes small to extra-large.
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