5 fun and futuristic campers

If you love camping, are a fan of high design, but need to travel with more than your average creature comforts, you're in luck.  These space-aged campers will let you travel in style while having all the comforts of home. Whether they're to be used for quick get aways or long haul vacations, these trailers will kick your senses to new heights.

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    C3 Hotel Cube The C3 Hotel Cube may be small, but its cool design and sewage storage option (so you don’t have to clean up after) makes it great for weekend trips.  The Cube has clever opening panels to give you the feeling of open spaces, within its small confines. And its dual action stove and  refrigerator to pull out so you don’t feel cramped.
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    The Mehrzeller The Mehrzeller was designed by two Austrian architecture students. The custom design has cube-like cells that perform different functions.  For example there’s space for the kitchen and the sleeping area. And the unit can hitch easily to a truck or car.
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    Westfalia Verdier The Westfalia Verdier solar camper hasn’t yet made it to the market, but if it does it's sure to change the way camping is done.  It has system of intelligent solar panels called ” SUN TRACKER.  Just flip them out when you’re ready to camp.  It also has a automatic suspension, which lowers the camper on the tires for better stabilization. And the pop-up design easily holds a family of four.
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    Marchi Mobile Luxury Camper You know you’re definitely glamping with a Marchi Mobile luxury camper.  It has a conference table, satellite television with 40-inch screens, Internet capabilities and an upper deck for you to escape to when things get too rowdy.  
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    Bufalino Campers   The Bufalino, by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns, is a small but has everything you need, well almost. The three wheeled vehicle has a bed, a sink, a cooking area, and even space for your laptop. But it doesn't have a bathroom.     ; a model chosen for its economic and fuel efficient benefits. However, the more complex structural components such as the frame, the chassis, and engine are derived from the original Piaggio model.  
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