16 gadgets for the adventurous traveler

Maybe you like to hang off cliffs, navigate foreign Third World neighborhoods or strap water-powered rockets to your back. Don't worry. We've got you covered. We've made our own list of suggestions to help you decide which tools will rescue and transform your adventurous vacation.

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    The SPI Belt The SPI Belt is a compact way to keep track of the tiniest belongings no matter what activity you have planned. The band's special compartments have space for all kinds of valuable belongings, such as car keys, house keys, cash and even wedding bands. The SPI Belt is perfect for carrying small items close to the body, safely. Cost: $11.95-$29.95
    SPI Belt
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    Jetlev R200 Get ready to soar. The Jetlev R200 jetpack uses water to propel the users 30ft in the air. But don't get too excited just yet, the jetpack has a predicted 'launch' date of Spring 2012. Cost: $150 per day
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    Lewis N. Clark Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm This little gadget is a real life saver. The Lewis N. Clark Belle Hop alarm provides security when you are on unfamiliar ground. The device gives off a high-pitched 91-decibel alarm to alert you if your hotel room door is opened. So sleep soundly, knowing this tiny doorman has your back. Cost: $12.99
    Lewis N. Clark
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    MOD Live This MOD Live modular Head’s Up display (HUD) for alpine goggles the perfect gadget for the devoted snowboarder or skier. The display gives the temperature, assists in navigation (GPS/location/Resort Points of Interest), gives your speed, altitude, and jump analytics. The display also has a buddy tracking system with Smartphone Connectivity, Playlist Mode, and Camera Connectivity (when paired with a Contour POV action camera) to keep you social while shredding powder.  Cost: $399.99 for the display
    MOD Live
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    Jawbone UP Feel like you've been laying on the beach too long? Jawbone UP will let you know. This colored wristband works together with an iPhone app to track your daily exercise activities and check your metabolism. Its alert feature will help you stay active even when that's the last thing on your mind. Cost: $79.99
    Jawbone UP
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    i'M Watch Give your wrist an upgrade. This futuristic watch displays your inbound calls, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and the weather forecast all on a the high-resolution screen.The i'M Watch connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can stay in touch without ever picking up your phone. Cost: From $389 to $2,299 depending on MB space and materials.
    i'M Watch
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    Livescribe's Pulse smartpen While many people like to journal while they travel, most of them can't use their pen to translate foreign phrases, read aloud and project new words on a tiny built-in screen. Livescribe's Pulse smartpen speaks a multitude of languages like Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German and  French. Just write a phrase in English and listen as you clearly hear the translation from its speaker and see the word appear on its little screen. Or you can simply write notes while recording what you say, then upload the audio to your computer to create a multi-media travel log. Cost: $169.95
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    Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera powered by Android The Polaroid SC1630 allows you to take and share High Definition digital images instantly from your camera. The camera is backed by Google's Android operating system and enables instant sharing through sites like Flickr and Twitter. It will be available some time later this year for a price yet to be announced.
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    Sony HMZ-T1 With the help of Sony, you can get admission to a private movie theater while on the road. The Sony HMZ-T1, a head-mounted portable home cinema system, has an HDTV screen and surround sound that simulates the feeling of being in your very own movie theater. Cost: $799.99
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    TripButler WiFi TripButler allows you to stay connected to the internet while traveling, without racking up hefty roaming charges. This rentable WiFi portal hooks up to five devices at once and fits in your pocket.  Cost: $2.80 per day
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    UWater G4 Chrome MP3 Player This product is ideal for anyone interested in water sports, and creating a soundtrack for them. This MP3 player is 100 percent waterproof and highly resistant to salt water. So, strap on your scuba year and pump up the volume. The aquatic world never sounded so good. Cost: $80
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    Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger This device is the most eco-friendly charger on the market. Using patented "GreenZero Technology" the Mushroom shuts off the charge from the outlet when your device is fully charged. The Mushroom keeps your battery from overcharging, while managing to save a little energy at the same time. Cost: $30
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    Powerbag Never lose power while on the road. This bag charges your laptop, tablet and smartphone while you carry them. The Powerbag comes fully equipped with a built-in charger and all the cables necessary to charge your device.  Cost: $139-179
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    ViewerMate  Ever catch yourself holding your smartphone instead of the steering wheel, trying to navigate your phone's GPS? You may not want to admit it, but now you never have to be in that sticky situation again. The ViewerMate serves as a flexible and stable viewing stand for any palm-sized device. It attaches to a car visor so you can view your GPS and have hands-free phone conversations. You can also snap it on to any up-and-locked tray table for watching movies in flight. Cost: $29-$34
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    Targus Premium Laptop Charger Save space in your luggage with the Targus charger. About the size of a BlackBerry, the Targus charger will power both your laptop and one other mobile device from a wall socket, on a plane or in a car. Throw out all those extra chords and cables and let the Targus do the work for you. Cost: $139.99
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    PowerTrekk Now you can stay connected even in the most remote places on Earth.The PowerTrekk is a water-powered portable fuel cell charger that lets you power your cell phone and other devices by mixing just a tiny bit of fresh or salt water with a special PowerPukk. Now you never have to search for an outlet. If you have a tiny bit of water, then you have enough energy to charge any device you need. Cost: $240
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