15 epic selfies that will get your heart racing

Photographer Jun Ahn takes daring self-portraits, perched high above cities and cliff tops, to create images that show what it’s like to live on the edge.

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    The photographer hangs over the Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea.
    Jun Ahn
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    Big City

    Ahn says her inspiration for the series came from growing up in New York.
    Jun Ahn
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    High Seas

    Ahn dangles her legs over the edge of a cliff overlooking the Sea of Japan.
    Jun Ahn
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    The City Below

    Jun Ahn photographs her feet as she sits on the edge of a rooftop overlooking the skyscrapers of New York City.
    Jun Ahn
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    Crossing Bridges

    The artist dangles her feet over a bridge in Greece. 
    Jun Ahn
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    View from the Top

    Ahn sits on the edge of a rooftop looking across Seoul, South Korea.
    Jun Ahn
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    On the Ledge

    Ahn perches over the skyline of Seoul, South Korea.
    Jun Ahn
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    Great Ocean

    Ahn stands at a cliff overlooking the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
    Jun Ahn
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    City and Sky

    Ahn sits on the edge of a rooftop overlooking New York City.
    Jun Ahn
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    Getting High

    Ahn sits on the edge of a rooftop in Seoul, South Korea.
    Jun Ahn
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    Ahn dangles over the edge of a rooftop in Seoul, South Korea.
    Jun Ahn
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    Window to the World

    Ahn sits on the ledge of an alcove in Italy.
    Jun Ahn
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    Ahn sits on the ledge of a rooftop overlooking Hong Kong.  
    Jun Ahn
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    The Climb Up

    Ahn hangs over a spiraling staircase. 
    Jun Ahn
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    Ahn describes the series as "a kind of performance without an audience." Her images will be on display at the Christophe Guye Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland in October.  
    Jun Ahn
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