12 Funny Signs 'Lost in Translation'

Have you seen funny mistaken translations on your travels abroad?

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    1. Do not give that cow the keys, no matter what it says Your vehicle. He is not responsible for it - Photo submitted by Michael H.
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    2. Don't Press that red button Really? At the lift??? - Photo submitted by Nadx S.
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    3. Proof that there are lost in translation moments even within the English speaking world. Crosswalk? In London. - Photo submitted by Melia B.
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    4. Everyone enjoys riding the Norse. Feeling Lucky? (Inner Mongolia-2009) - Photo submitted by Amy H.
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    5. Kids these days Get a room! - Photo submitted by Steve W.
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    6. Wait, this sign doesn't mean 'camel parking'? The best place to park your camel - Photo submitted by Kate M.
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    7. Never fear, the anti-fire things are here Things for anti-fire - Photo submitted by Dave K.
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    8. This might be a good time to turn around Should I run or stop??? - Photo submitted by Belén G.
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    9. Welcome to Obviousville It's obvious. - Photo submitted by Masdyanna B.
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    10. Man, it's cold as ice to take Foreigner's luggage How I got a new free suitcase over in China. - Photo submitted by Klara U.
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    11. This has all the makings of a romantic comedy Coca-Cola way or Pepsi way.....Which one should I take?? (Carmelo, Uruguay) - Photo submitted by Andrea D.
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    12. Probably best to follow these instructions What kind of orphans are we talking here? Taken in Nairobi, Kenya - Photo submitted by Jesse O. Do you have a great lost in translation photo from your travels? Enter the contest on the Lonely Planet Facebook page (end date: 17 November) for a chance to win an iPad and the new Lonely Planet Offline Translator apps, and vote for your favorites!
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