Wis. Woman Allegedly Harassed for Criticizing 'Sour Grapes' Recall Movement on Gov. Walker

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: As the Democratic Party rushes to recall Governor Scott Walker. A high school teacher who appears in a pro Walker ad said she is being embarrassed and being harassed and being threatened. Take a look at the ad.


KRISTI LACROIX, TEACHER: I'm not big on recalls, and I think that at this point in my opinion, and I'm only speaking from the "I," it feels a little like sour grapes. We didn't get our way so we want to change the outcome.

The person I'm going to stand behind and that's going to get my vote is the man or the woman who says what they mean and means what they say. And it's not about being popular. It's not about getting the votes. This is what is right. Scott Walker said from the beginning I'm going to do what is right for Wisconsin, and he did. He did.


VAN SUSTEREN: Now Kristi LaCroix said there is even an online campaign to get her fired. Law enforcement says there's been dangerous behavior from both sides of the recall effort. Governor Scott Walker joins us. Good evening, sir.

WIS. GOV. SCOTT WALKER: Good evening, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, do you have anything or would anyone within your close circle have anything to do with this ad or did the teacher come up with the ad herself?

WALKER: Actually it's our campaign that did the ad, but this teacher literally sat down in front of a camera like I am right now and just talked. She had no script. She just talked what was on her heart. We have another teacher starting with a similar ad today and we will have workers in the private sector and parents and grandparents.

But this woman just said what was on her mind. It's amazing to see how outrageous it is. That's what happens when you see so much influence coming in from outside of Wisconsin. That's not the way we do it in Wisconsin. We don't attack people because it's a difference of opinion. People came out to my home and attacked -- not attacked but harassed not only my family but my neighbors. They have been point to go people on Facebook and pointing to folks on my kids' Facebook site and they have said outrageous things about my family again today.

Again, it's one thing to inform a debate or another to distract or distort it. And nobody, whether they are for or against me, including those who oppose our recall, nobody should be doing things that cross the line like that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Explain something to me. When you ran for office you had a certain platform. When you got into office did you carry out that platform so that it was no particular surprise to the voters, or did you change and thus all of a sudden everyone gotten enraged and said Walker went much farther than he of told us? Or explain how that worked.

WALKER: No. And in fact, I talked very explicitly about the fact that I was going to balance the budget, one of the largest deficits we had of had, a $3.6 billion, and do it without raising taxes, do it without cutting core services. In fact a billion dollars more was added to the budget for Medicaid for needy families and children and seniors, and put resources more effectively like in the classroom to help the kids. We did all those things. Unlike states that raised taxes, laid off employees and did other things that damaged their states, we avoided that because we put reforms in that empowered our state and our local government to balance our budgets.

VAN SUSTEREN: I guess about 300,000 have already signed the recall petition. They need 500 and some change by mid-January. But what I don't understand why those 300,000 weren't mad when you were running for office and saying those things you were going to do? What is it that set everybody off? Because I don't think what you did was a huge surprise.

WALKER: No. In fact many of the groups part of the recall movement, and AFC Wisconsin being one of those union actually ran flyers that said don't vote for this guy because he will make changes to collective bargaining. They were warning that. The first recall Scott Walker Web site was put up November, 2010. This has been plotted out all along the way and they have used the hype and attention to move forward on it.

This is about having a new election. In our state you don't need a reason. In our case we will be given an opportunity to reaffirm that positive message to the voters yet again in this next election.

VAN SUSTEREN: A couple quick questions. One, have you endorsed yet or do you intend to endorse soon for president?

WALKER: I have not and mainly because they recall. I want to stay focused on the recall and getting my state work again and tackling that. I know each of the mainly candidates, I know Governor Romney and Speaker Gingrich. I think the world of both of them. I think they would be an exceptionally better choice than the occupant in the White House today. I think both of them need to focus on getting this country working again by getting government out of the way.

VAN SUSTEREN: Two quick questions. How about those Packers and the Badgers, and now we have a Badger who is a Heisman trophy candidate?

WALKER: Absolutely. There's two pretty compelling ones in the race there. You can't beat the Green Bay Packers. My good friend, Chris Christie, had to rub it in today that they won in New Jersey last night. But they looked pretty unstoppable. I like it that Aaron Rogers takes it one game at a time.

VAN SUSTEREN: And the Badgers, are they going to win the Rose Bowl against Oregon come January 1st or not? That's an easy one.

WALKER: Absolutely. I mean the ducks are a good team, but the bottom line is they are going to win it when you have both ball and Wilson, two Heisman trophy type candidates out there, it's unbelievable. I would kidded my friend John Kasich the other day, he asked how the game went, and I said watch Saturday and I said we beat them for the Big Ten championship.

VAN SUSTEREN: Got to go. Thank you, governor.

WALKER: Bye now. Have a good one.