William and Kate's Royal Wedding List: Who's In, Who's Out and Why

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: 1,900 guests are officially invited, but who are they? There is a lot of speculation on that royal wedding list, but that is not the only topic that has people guessing [about]. What about Kate's many dresses? Griff Jenkins has an "On the Record" all-access pass to everything royal. Griff is getting the inside scoop from royal watcher Imogen Lloyd Webber.


GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Imogen, where do we begin. Start with the guest list.

IMOGEN LLOYD WEBBER, AUTHOR: There are 1,900 invited to the Abbey, 1,000 are close friends of William and Kate. Charles and Diana only had 120 friends and family they could invite. Even though they are in a bigger venue you have to invite all the heads of state.

JENKINS: We did see some snubbing, former Prime Ministers Blair and Brown not going. We saw the Bahrain prince withdrawing. The people that are coming, what can you tell us about them? From the 1900, then it gets more exclusive.

WEBBER: It does. First of all, some politicians aren't invited. Sir John major is invited. He was prime minister after Margaret Thatcher appointed guardian to William and Harry on Diana's death, which is why he would be there. Margaret Thatcher is in frail health. We are going to be seeing less celebrities, even though celebrities have come across William and Kate. David Beckham, he was there with William for - which we didn't win the royal cup.

JENKINS: He's kind of like royalty here anyway, right?

WEBBER: He is. As the guests leave the Abbey, 650 will be going to a lunchtime champagne reception. Some are going back to the hotel where Kate will be staying for a private party there. Carol and Michael Middleton will be with the foreign secretary is holding a separate party for more of the politicians.

JENKINS: The 650 that come to the palace reception, who makes that list?

WEBBER: Friends, family, those who work for William. William is inviting them, one of the page boys of the wedding.

JENKINS: After the reception, there's a very exclusive dinner.

WEBBER: The VVIP dinner. After the champagne reception everybody will have a little bit of down time, and then 350 of the closest family and friends will come back to Buckingham Palace for a dinner meld by the Prince of Wales, a sit-down dinner, formal affair. Harry gives his best man speech and the disco begins.

Apparently they've set up a disco in three of the state rooms in Buckingham Palace. Allegedly we'll see the throne room as a chillax room. Harry is calling it wedding administration, his wedding planning.

JENKINS: There's three dresses? How is that going to work?

WEBBER: There are so many rumors about the dress. It is bride's prerogative. She wants to surprise him. He will be the last person in the world to see her wedding dress. Rumor is, diamond and pearl detailing. Apparently she will be wearing we think the Cambridge tiara, actually the tiara that the queen gave Diana for her wedding.

Diana had to give it back to the queen when she got divorced. She did not wear the knot tiara, but Kate doesn't have a tiara, she is going to wear one which we think she will be it will be borrowed from the queen or given to her by the queen.