Was Lisa Stebic Living in Fear?

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: "We need her back," that plea tonight from Lisa Stebic's family. We are following this one closely. This 37-year-old mother of two vanished eight days ago.

Now many are wondering if her husband Craig knows anything about her disappearance. The couple is divorcing and some say Lisa Stebic lived in fear of her husband. Joining us, Lisa's sister Debbie Ruttenberg and her cousin Melanie Greenburg.

Welcome to both of you. Debbie, I assume that there's no update in the search. There's no new information tonight; is that right?

MELANIE GREENBURG, MISSING MOM'S COUSIN: We don't have any new information at that time. We're hoping that the $20,000 reward that we announced on your show last night will lead to some new information and some new tip that will bring Lisa home safely to her family.

VAN SUSTEREN: Melanie, we have heard that she has said things to neighbors or friends in the weeks leading up to her disappearance. What did she say?

GREENBURG: You know, I have been reading surprising things in the press. I mean, a lot of these things were surprising to the family. We didn't know — know any of these things. We certainly would have been willing to help her out if we heard that she was in trouble or that she needed our help.

VAN SUSTEREN: Debbie, when is the last time you spoke to your sister?

DEBBIE RUTTENBERG, SISTER OF MISSING MOM: I spoke to her Thursday, I believe it was the 28th.

VAN SUSTEREN: And did she say anything unusual that day?

RUTTENBERG: No. We had a wonderful conversation. It was a long conversation. She was very positive. We were sharing sisterly stories. She was just having a positive time moving forward, getting her life together, doing some exercising, taking the kids places. We were talking about how she worked on homework with the kids. So, really, she was in positive, positive spirits.

VAN SUSTEREN: Debbie, I mean any time a woman disappears or a man for that matter, we always look at the spouse. And in this instance, your sister was in the process of divorcing her husband, her husband divorcing her. Did she ever say anything to you that suggested she had fear of her husband?

RUTTENBERG: Well, I mean, you know, my sister and I shared a lot of things. But, if she had fear of her husband, I was not aware of that. You know, like Melanie said, if there was something that we could have done, you know, if Lisa was in trouble, we certainly would have been there for her. We're obviously extremely concerned. And at this point, we need Lisa to return. And that's, you know, really what we are here for. How can the public help us?

VAN SUSTEREN: Melanie we only have about 45 seconds left, she post something on the Internet that might at least give us some clue?

GREENBURG: You know, we know that the police have taken her computer and are looking over it. Possibly, they might find some clue. We hope that they will find some lead with the new information coming in from the reward. And if anyone out there in the public has any information, we urge them to visit the Web site findLisaStebic.com and give the Plainfield police a call and let them know if you have seen anything, if you know anything, even if you think it's irrelevant. It might be something that the police can use to bring Lisa home safe to her children and her family.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. And I — by asking about her husband, I didn't mean to suggest that he had done something, but he's simply the first person you look at are family members and friends and people she might have come in contact with.

Melanie, Debbie, thank you both.

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