Vitter: New airport Ebola testing measures are 'inadequate'

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STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST: Meanwhile, the president is calling for $1 billion to be reassigned to the administration's Ebola efforts.

But Senator -- Republican Senator David Vitter says he wants to see a plan before anyone pays up.

And he joins me now on the phone.

Senator, the president does have a plan. He wants to use the military over there and test at airports over here. You want more than that, I take it.

SEN. DAVID VITTER, R-LA.: Absolutely,

Stuart, I think we need more details, and I think we need stronger action with regard to using things like travel restrictions.

VARNEY: We have had...

VITTER: So, I don't think we should just give the president, relatively speaking, a blank check, a billion dollars, without having Congress far more involved, far more involved actively in the discussion, a lot more detail, and talking directly about travel restrictions.

VARNEY: Yes, Senator, that's my point. Are you going to say, give us a travel ban or you don't get any money? Is it as blunt as that?

VITTER: It is for me.

But Congress needs to be fully engaged in the conversation, but, yes, at this point, based on what I know, I think there need to be travel restrictions.

VARNEY: Do you believe that this administration is out front, in front of this problem?

VITTER: I think clearly not. I really don't.

And this is something that there can be serious consequences regarding if we're not out front on this and very -- better safe than sorry, very cautious about this.

VARNEY: But there seems to be a problem with moving quickly. There are four airports where the testing will begin this weekend, Saturday.

I believe in Chicago's O'Hare, the testing doesn't start until Monday, and then it's merely a question of taking temperatures and filling out a questionnaire.

VITTER: Yes, Stuart, this whole proposed regime of testing I think strikes most people, quite frankly, as completely inadequate, to the point of being laughable.

Clearly, clearly, clearly, this is not a serious way to stop infected folks from getting into the country. Clearly, there are all sorts of opportunities for infected folks to get into the country. The person who unfortunately died in Dallas would have almost certainly gotten into the country under this regime. So, it seems to me it's clearly inadequate.

VARNEY: Dr. Anthony Fauci this morning told me that -- he is the point guy for Ebola from the administration, or at least one of them. He said only one Ebola patient has emerged in the United States, only one confirmed patient here. He says that is not enough to impose draconian travel bans.


VITTER: Well, the problem is, when there's 100, it's a little bit too late. That's the problem.

And that's what we're trying to get ahead of, and not be behind that curve.

VARNEY: OK. Republican Senator David Vitter, thanks for joining us, sir. Appreciate it.

VITTER: Thank you, Stuart.

VARNEY: Yes, sir.

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