Trump: Obama is 'winning in the press'

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STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST: To Donald Trump on what he makes of all the hype.

Donald, do you think this is deliberate, this hyping of the fear of a stock market sell-off?

DONALD TRUMP, CHAIRMAN & CEO, TRUMP HOTELS & CASINO RESORTS: Well, Stuart, I think there's no question about that.

Everybody wants to create fear, and they want to try and get a deal, but the deals are very divergent, they're very different. And we will see what happens. We are in uncharted waters. We will be seeing very soon what happens and who is blinking. The problem that the Republicans have -- I happen to be a Republican -- but they don't have the unity that you need. If the Republicans were unified so that you didn't have half of them saying, oh, we should make a deal, they're afraid of the press, they're afraid of everything -- and if the Republicans were unified, they have all the cards. They have cards like you wouldn't believe it.

But it's very hard when you have a lot of people out there saying, let's make any deal just to get this over with, because that's not what it's all about. It's really about saving the country.

VARNEY: How do you judge President Obama as a negotiator? Because he is negotiating, whether he likes -- says so are not. What's your judgment of him?

TRUMP: Well, he is not a natural deal-maker. He wants to get something done, but he wants it to be his way or the highway.

And, frankly, that's not the way this is going to happen. And I will tell you, and, again, the Republicans could be so strong -- they have so many cards. And what they are doing happens to be the right thing in terms of your children, your grandchildren, the future of the country. But he is a person that is not really getting everybody in a room and getting something that's popular and good for the country.

VARNEY: He is winning, it appears. Politically, he appears to be winning, no?

TRUMP: Well, he is winning in the press. There's no question about it. And what else is new? It's amazing the way the press is just so much on that side.

And he is certainly winning in the press, and that is scaring the Republicans, and, again, if they weren't scared, they would be winning this battle. They would win the battle, because ultimately the Democrats also know that for the most part -- not in all cases, but for the most part -- that this side happens to be right.

Something happens -- has to be done. We have a $17 trillion deficit. We have numbers that are so big, when you look at -- when you look at the kind of numbers that this country is suffering, and you look at the debt that this country -- $17 trillion we owe -- and you just can't keep going like this.

The deficits, the debt, you just can't keep going. So they want to do something about it, and people -- everybody knows it has to be done. They really ought to get it done, Stuart.


Supposing we get right up to the deadline, that would be midnight Wednesday night, and there is no deal on the debt limit. We go beyond that deadline. Does that, you think, automatically mean a lot of damage to the stock market and the economy?

TRUMP: Well, the truth is nobody knows. There are those that say that if the Republicans hang tough, that's a good thing for the country because maybe ultimately something positive is going to happen.

One of the things that you have to remember is that President Obama wants to have a legacy, a good legacy. He doesn't wasn't to have a default legacy because they're not going to be talking about Reid and Boehner in the history books. They're going to be talking about the president. And the president is Obama.

So, it really does put the Republicans, if they would stick together, in a very good stead. So, we will have to see what president. Nobody really knows what is going to happen. It's certainly very interesting, but nobody knows.

VARNEY: Some Republicans in New York State want you to run for governor of New York state. Are you at least thinking about it?

TRUMP: Well, it's something I have never thought of. In fact, I didn't even hear about it until the other day when a gentleman, a very good political reporter named Fred Dicker, called to ask the question because people want me to do that.

But it's nothing I have even thought about.

VARNEY: Well, are you happy with Democrat Governor Cuomo?

TRUMP: Well, I like him on a personal basis, but we have the highest taxes in the nation. People are fleeing New York because the taxes are too high. We have lots of difficulty in New York.

And we could be one of the energy capitals of the country. We have so much natural under -- right under our feet, and he is not going after it. Look, I have some real differences with him politically and economically. I look him on a personal basis, but certainly when you're losing people from a state and they're moving to Florida, and they're moving to other places, that's not a good thing, and these are people that used to pay a lot of tax.

So it's a problem. And New York City, the whole tax situation with respect to New York State, it's not a good situation, Stuart. That, I can tell you.

VARNEY: We hear you. Donald Trump, thank you very much, indeed, for joining us, sir.

TRUMP: OK. Thank you, Stuart.

VARNEY: Yes, sir. All right.

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